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‘You knew it.

What Seirin was trying to do with Alois.’

Gregory, who usually cares about Seirin, would not have been able to push her easily.

The fact that the ceremony earlier was erased seemed to have been handled out of fear that it would be disadvantageous to Seirin.

I couldn’t argue with the act of covering up for the family.

Although it was a little disappointing.

I spoke calmly.

“Have a safe trip.”


Gregory laughed bitterly and hurriedly headed for the castle.

Since the castle was blocking the villa, he was sent there because he could only enter the villa through the castle.

After that, I whispered to Alois, who was next to me.

“What happened” 

“The Princess stole my magic book.

She’s trying to cast a dangerous magic technique again… …”

“What do you mean dangerous technique So if you don’t know what kind of technique it was earlier…..”

“Of course, it’s a lie.

I was annoyed that they destroyed the evidence, so I said anything.”

“… …”

“It was an excuse to threaten the Princess… … Tsk!”

Alois clicked her tongue and licked her lips.

She shrugged her shoulders as I stared blankly.

“She suffered internal injuries, but it’s okay because I blocked it before it started properly.”

“When can she come back to consciousness”

“She’ll wake up soon.

In fact, she just vomited blood and collapsed in surprise.

Why did you do such a terrible thing when you were so scared… Tsk tsk.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

I was discussing the general situation with Alois when a doctor opened the door and came out.

“How is the Princess”

The doctor carefully answered my question.

“She seemed surprised for a moment.

Fortunately, she has just regained consciousness.”


I let out a sigh of relief when I heard that Seirin had woken up.

It was a relief that she came to consciousness earlier than expected.

A sense of relief came over me, as if something was going smoothly.

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It was then.

“Princess, if you still move…!”

Betty’s voice from inside caught my eye.

After a while, Seirin stormed out of the door, and naturally, our eyes met.

Her eyes gleamed as she found me.

“Princess, it’s cold outside.

You don’t have good energy, so you can’t keep overdoing it……”

Betty followed and fretted, putting a coat around Seirin’s shoulder.

Seirin stared at me and asked sharply, not paying attention to Betty.

“Why are you here”

An unusual, exasperated tone of voice.

I didn’t know what it was for, but Seirin seemed very agitated.

I stared intently at Seirin.

Seirin, who looked at me bitterly, was very unfamiliar.

I thought I should calm her down a bit, so I grabbed her arm.

“Lie down a little longer.

You just collapsed.”

“Don’t touch my body!”

Seirin shoved my hand and shouted out loud.

I was pushed back unexpectedly, but I managed not to fall down thanks to Alois.

I was worried but she reacted violently to what I said, so I was a little angry.

“Princess, what the hell are you doing”

Seirin trembled when I asked.

“Why did it have to be you”

“I beg your pardon”

“I, I didn’t like you from the beginning! Why the hell would Lexion want someone like you….


Seirin’s eyes were already insane.

Red, bloodshot eyes stared at me as if to tear me to death.

I was so embarrassed by the unfamiliar appearance that I couldn’t even respond.

Then she grabbed my arm tightly and shook it.

“If you’re of a minority race, you should know your place.

How, how…..! You mean you’re going to be a duchess” 

I did not understand Seirin’s behavior.

Also, as soon as I touched her, my stomach felt strangely bloated.

‘what… … ’

It was a familiar gurgle.

It was also a creepy feeling after using Asta.

My head suddenly became heavy and I felt dizzy.

Sensing the danger, I tried to pull her away, but Seirin was one step quicker.

Then she grabbed my neck with both hands.

Then she grabbed me by the neck with both hands.

It happened in an instant.

She tightened her hand as if she would strangle me to death at any moment.


“I’ll kill you, I hate those who covet what’s mine the most!”

“Princess, no!”

Betty shouted in a shrill voice and tried to deter Seirin.

However, Seirin did not loosen the strength of her hands.

The passers-by chattered in surprise, but they could not stop her and hesitated.

It was because they did not want to treat the Princess inappropriately and get blamed for nothing.

“What are you doing Hurry up and stop her!”

Alois screamed, stomping her feet, and followed Betty to remove Seirin and stuck to her.

Two women tried to separate them, but Seirin didn’t budge.

It was too strong to be seen as the power of Seirin, who was usually weak.

‘Wh, what the hell is this… .’

I couldn’t breathe well because I was choked.

I couldn’t get her off because my hands were too weak.

I flinched while looking at Seirin with giddy eyes.

It was because something came to mind.

‘No way…Is it because you’re infected with thoughts’

It must have been quite a long time ago that Seirin hated me.

But even so, she was not such a foolish person to show her malice so openly.

She was acting like a lost person.

‘What if the evil dragon drove Seirin’s feelings and made her feel free to do evil’

Then, it was understandable to some extent that Seirin had tried to kill me even while taking the risk of an oath in search of Alois.


Even as I was thinking about this, I was out of breath.

Thanks to Betty and Alois, the breathing hole is not completely blocked.

I wanted to take it off quickly, but I kept getting dizzy and it was difficult to resist.

‘What kind of power is this… … ! No more…’

It was when the string of consciousness was about to fade.

“What the hell are you doing!”

The breath that had been choked up suddenly filled with a strong shout from the man.

“Kaeg kaeg…!”

I came out with tears in my eyes and stared at the man who blocked Seirin.

Red curls stood out.

‘Sir Chris….’

It seems Arnold sent Chris here just in case.

Next to Chris was Emilia.

Emilia asked worriedly, supporting my shoulder.

“Tiarozety, are you okay”

“Cough! Cough! Keugh……”

I kept coughing and nodded my head.

Seirin ran up to Chris and shouted.

“Get out of my way!” 

“Even if you’re the princess, You can’t intimidate Miss Tiarozety anymore.”

“Don’t you hear me say step aside!”

Seirin raised her hand while shouting angrily.

She was about to hit him at a glance.

But Chris wasn’t taking Seirin’s hand slap.


As he gently retreated to avoid it, Seirin stumbled heavily.

Seirin, who was lying on the floor, trembled and trembled.

A loud shriek echoed in the hallway.

Chris, who was in front of her, avoided Seirin and didn’t catch her, so she fell even more.

“Eug… …Heugh.”

Seirin started to sob when I thought she was uttering a shallow moan.

Betty pushed Chris and shouted.

“No matter how you are a commoner with no origin, what are you doing to the Princess!”

TL/N: Lmao whut Betty excuse me PlzZ She annoys me more than Seirin tbh.

She pushed Chris away without even thinking about what Seirin had just done to me.

But Chris wasn’t one to be pushed back by Betty.

“I just avoided it.

It was the Princess herself who fell.”

“How can you be so cold-hearted……! You haven’t heard the whole story yet!”

“It is not at all justified to try to strangle a person to death even if Miss Tiarozety did something wrong.”

“Sir Chris!”

Betty vented her anger as if Seirin was the victim.

Chris, on the other hand, responded coldly and never apologized.

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The guide warned as the confrontation between the two sides reached its peak.

– Kronos will arrive soon.

If you don’t pick up the pieces and rectify the situation, you’ll have a collision!

“Sir Chris, please stop it.”

I stopped Chris with a cracked voice.

If Kronos saw the situation of the two confronting each other for no reason, it would scratch and crumble.

“Are you okay”

I nodded my head when Chris asked anxiously and I said to Betty.

“Don’t be so angry.

Sir Chris is also my escort.”

“No matter how much you escort, can you beat the princess like this!”

“Say it right.

The first one to strike me was the Princess.”

“At least you could’ve held him back.

If she’s still not well…!”

“I almost died.

Sir Chris must have been surprised too.”

“Even so… !”

I sighed and muttered coldly when Betty didn’t back down and started raging.

“Young Lady Diason, do you want me to make things big”

“I beg your pardon”

“I know why Princess Seirin collapsed earlier.”


I whispered in her ear which flinched for a moment.

“Not once, but twice.

Maybe there have been many attempts that I am not aware of.”


“Even if I can’t punish the princess, I can still damage the reputation of the imperial family and the princess.”

“N, now….”

Betty stuttered with a bluish face.

“In addition, all the employees here just heard the remarks of Princess Seirin.”

“… …”

“It means that it’s no use trying to get away.”

“Y, you….”

Betty trembled and couldn’t speak properly.

I walked closer to Betty’s face and whispered with a smile.


You know many chapters ago, someone commented that they were annoyed with how weak Tiarozety was and how she sends mixed signals to Gregory.

I humbly disagree.

As we know, the book gives out penalties if she doesn’t follow the storyline and from what we’ve read so far, Tiarozety is just a really nice girl who interacts sincerely with other people. 

So what she tells or how she acts towards Gregory might be misunderstood, but I believe that half of it is because of the book, and the other half is cause of her innate personality.

Also with regards to her being weak, I believe that Tiarozety does what she can within the constraints of the book.

Before she found out about Lexion’s regressions, she assumed that he would like Seirin cause of the OG plot and was generally very confused with how everything was different from the plot she knew. 

However, after she found out the truth, she doesn’t waver in her trust towards Lexion and does what she can to support him. 

Sorry for the long passage.

I swear I’m not trying to pick a fight LOL.

Just wanted to share what I think.

Hope there are still people enjoying this story! TuT

wuxia readers, I see you too… pls try to read on PM Translations instead :3


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