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Chapter 30 Charming Little Milk Candy is Actually Green Tea Flavored (30)

Ruan Xiaoan sent a cake to Pei Jingshuo, but there was no movement from him, but the acquaintances around them were shocked.Original translations are posted on puretl.com —Do not re post, do not steal.

Ran Le, who was in front of them, let out a sour and strange cry: "Ouch, what kind of cake is this, doesn't the person who gets it have to share"

This sentence was full of nonsense, and Pei Jingshuo was still in a dream, but as soon as he woke up he instantly kicked the other party directly. 

It is impossible to share the cake, and he is reluctant to eat it himself.

Bi Ming smiled and admired the monkey play that Ran Le played for a while, then lowered her head and began to go through the textbooks and workbooks on the table.

Tang Bei in the next aisle was dumbfounded.

He told Bi Ming to avoid that school bully just now.

Didn't this flood the Dragon King Temple

God bless, but don't influence Ruan Xiaoan to talk to Pei Jingshuo.

The monitor originally took the test paper to find Bi Ming for the correct answer, but he couldn't find anyone in the first row.

He looked back and gasped.

Why did she suddenly move back to sit there

On second thought, could it be that Pei Jingshuo's finally got what he wanted

The monitor shook his head helplessly, if this was the case, it would definitely be like putting a flower on cow dung.

How could Xiao An be so simple, she couldn't endure the entanglement of the school bully, it's a pity for Zhou Shen.

"In the afternoon, the grade rankings will be announced."

The whole class was in an uproar.

Bi Ming went a step further this time, she ranked in the top five.

They thought it was the most important news, but it was Pei Jingshuo who really shocked everyone.

For a long time, the poor student group formed by Pei Jingshuo and his friends had always been at the bottom of the achievement chain.

Last month, the school bully's 'reform and study hard' image had become a laughing stalk in many people's mouths.

Even if the other party looks really serious, how much can he improve in a month

Now the results are out, one hundred and forty-five.

One must know that the total number of high school students in their grade was about 900 people, and he soared directly from the bottom to the 145th rank.

This speed is almost the same as riding a rocket.

Especially those students whose grades were always in the middle and lower, looked at Pei Jingshuo's face like watching a counter-attack legend among the scumbags.

However, they didn't know that Pei the school tyrant had a good foundation, but he used to be so lazy that he handed in blank papers.

During the class meeting, the head teacher also specially called people to the podium to commend them, gave out prizes, and asked him to share his 'progressive experience'.

Where has Pei Jingshuo experienced this kind of treatment, the corners of his eyes twitched subconsciously, his blue veins were tensed, like a bamboo stick on the stage, his usual sharp eyes were a little embarrassing at this moment.


didn't do anything, I just brushed the questions and asked for a tutor..."

Everyone in the audience laughed, they did about the same, why didn't their grades improve by a few hundred ranks

Pei Jingshuo's eyes swept down, just when he didn't know what to say, he happened to meet the clear water-like eyes in the last row, and his heart moved.

"For something like grades whether they go up or down it depends on your IQ—'' The other students booed him, seeing this guy actually start a Versailles drama.

"The other factor is to see if you have faith in yourself." Pei Jingshuo ignored them and looked intently at a certain direction in the back row, "If your faith is not firm enough, you can't persist."

"Someone told me to enter the top 100 and promised me one thing in exchange."

He pursed his lips lightly, showing a self-deprecating smile.

"Unfortunately, I didn't do it."

"But I'm still grateful to her, because I did gain something in the process."

"It was she who gave me faith and the strength to overcome all difficulties." Original translations are posted on puretl.com —Do not re post, do not steal.

The boy's eyes were fixed on a girl who was listening carefully to his speech, every bit of his words very clearly.

The students below seemed to notice something and glanced back.

Who doesn't know that Pei Jingshuo has been chasing Ruan Xiaoan in the entire seventh class

The head teacher felt that the atmosphere was not right, and was about to stop it, but heard Pei Jingshuo speak faster:

"So my suggestion is to turn your feelings for the people you like into motivation to move forward."

"That's it."

The whole class was silent for a second, and then burst into waves of applause -


"Support Brother Pei!"

"If you want to learn something, you will only need the motivation of someone you like!"

With the whistling and coaxing, the head teacher suddenly had a bigger headache, and hurriedly knocked on the table: "Okay, because of time constraints, this time the sharing will come to an end..."

Pei Jingshuo was driven back to his seat, and the head teacher stared at these little brats who were very active when they were doing things, and ended solemnly:

"Classmates, don't be like that as soon as you hear things such as 'person you like' and start smiling."

"Student Pei Jingshuo said it very well, for the people we like, especially our family members who have always loved us, we must establish a belief in hard work."

"And no matter what kind of belief you have, it is inseparable from the accumulated and down-to-earth efforts.

Paying..." The head teacher said bitterly, but the following speech became more and more boring.

The tall boy curled his lips and whispered to Bi Ming who was beside him: "Ruan Xiaoan, don't listen to her, the belief I'm talking about is you..."

"Shh, don't talk—" The little girl's face was shy.

Dizzy, she glared at him helplessly, "How can anyone talk about such a topic in front of a teacher"

Pei Jingshuo was dazzled by this stare, his throat was itchy, and he quickly cleared his throat:

"Cough, sorry, I will pay attention to such things later." The speed of admitting mistakes is incredibly fast, like a dog trying hard after being reprimanded by its owner.



Bi Ming smiled lightly, reached out and patted the boy's hand on his thigh.

"Well, dear."

Under the desk, her soft palm brought a temperature that made his heart palpitate.

Although it was never stated, great happiness enveloped the boy, making him feel that he had an inseparable relationship with the girl.


In order to meet the provincial preliminaries at the end of the month, the competition training time for the class was extended by another hour.

After leaving the Wenhua Building, it was already completely dark.

Fortunately, the teaching buildings of Senior Second and Senior Third year were brightly lit, and the students who came to study in the evenings walked on the school road in twos and threes, making the campus not so empty.

Bi Ming touched her somewhat hot face, that was being blowed by the cool night wind, and her head was filled with all kinds of formulas and theories.

Behind her were Zhou Shen and his tablemate .

The two boys were discussing the last derivation question in a low voice.

During the discussion, they also tried to pull Bi Ming into the battlefield.

"From the derivation of the recursive formula to the general formula, you told me that you have to list the first 20 items to find the regular formula, which is too slow" The tablemate shook his head in a tangled manner.

"Otherwise, how do you want to try" Zhou Shen glanced at Bi Ming who was sitting alone in front, "This is not a linear derivation, is it Ruan Xiaoan"

Bi Ming turned back, her apricot eyes half-drooped, and seemed a little tired: "Well, only if you can find the rules.

After you get the general term formula, don't forget to prove the uniqueness of f(n)."

"I know," Zhou Shen nodded with satisfaction, "I have already finished this question, but this guy had to argue with me if there are other solutions." After speaking, he turned to look at his table mate, "Ruan Xiaoan can't think of a new solution, so you should give up." The tablemate hesitated.

This girl is really special to Zhou Shen.

But think about it from the point of view of the progress of writing questions, Ruan Xiaoan is the only one who can compare with Zhou Shen.

Such a beautiful girl talks to people sweetly every day, and even tilts her head to ask for help in a soft voice when she encounters a problem she doesn't know how to solve, and then it's easy to explain to her.

No wonder Zhou Shen has been talking more and more recently.

But when he arrived at the school gate, he found that Zhou Shen seemed to have no chance.

The girl ran directly to a handsome boy riding a mountain bike, jumped on the back seat of his bicycle, hugged his waist, and left happily.

Her sweet smile was in stark contrast to her previous politeness to them.

"She ," the table mate carefully observed Zhou Shen's face.

It was normal, "Is that Ruan Xiaoan's boyfriend"

Zhou Jiangqi's voice was as cold as ever: "I don't know."

"Are you...


"Let's go.

Come on, don't be so boring." The same table mate stared at him for a while, but gave up.

He really couldn't find a flaw in Zhou Shen's iceberg face.

On the other side, Bi Ming rested her head on the back of the boy, put her arms around his waist, and sighed softly.

"Are you tired" Pei Jingshuo turned his head back, frowning slightly, "Would you like to eat something"

Bi Ming's cheeks rested on his warm back, rubbing comfortably like a cat.

"It's alright." Her voice was soft, a little nasal, and sounded like a spoiled child.

"Look at the road, the front of the bicycle is tilted."


um." .

He remembered the scene when Bi Ming and Zhou Shen walked out of the school side by side, even if he didn't want to admit it, he could see that they were a good match.

One is a scholar who has been ranked first all year round, and the other is a scholar who has made rapid progress and is humble and inquisitive.

It seems that no one can interfere in the atmosphere between the two during the conversation.

There is a bottomless pit hidden in Pei Jingshuo's heart, swallowing all his negative emotions like an abyss.

The fear of losing her was growing, but—he couldn't change.

"Pei Jingshuo, wait a minute!" Bi Ming suddenly shouted in a hurried voice, shaking his school uniform, "Don't go over there, I see my mother."

This voice interrupted Pei Jingshuo's thoughts, he stopped his bicycle instantly.


"Which one is Auntie"

"The red top, the one with curly hair, hurry up, she's here." The girl's face flushed with anxiety.

Mother Ruan is usually busy in the store at this point, so why did she suddenly run out

Pei Jingshuo reluctantly swept the surroundings.

It happened to be a narrow road, followed by a car and electric cars, making it difficult to retreat.

After thinking for a moment, he simply pedaled the bicycle and turned left, where there was a narrower alley that only pedestrians and bicycles could pds.Original translations are posted on puretl.com —Do not re post, do not steal.

The wheels rolled over on the bluestone slab, due to which Bi Ming almost ripped off his school uniform jacket.

"Wow...Slow down..."

"Ruan Xiaoan," the young man hooked his lips while riding a bicycle: "Do you want me to be fast or slow"

"Wait, let me see—" The little girl stepped back in fear.

Aiming, she was relieved to make sure that Mother Ruan didn't enter this alley, "Huh, she didn't follow me, this scared me to death." Her soft and sweet voice was trembling, and Pei Jingshuo's heart was hot.

"Just let me down at the alley in front, my house is very close, I'm afraid my parents will see it." She whispered.

The boy said "um" and the bike rode forward steadily, but the surroundings gradually became dark.

"Ah, the street lights here are broken." The girl looked around.

Fortunately, there were residential houses around, and the lights were on so that people could see the road.

"That's what it is to be in an old city like this, there is no regular property management." Pei Jingshuo felt even more pity when he thought of Bi Ming still living in such an environment, "You've worked hard."


Bi Ming grabbed his waist and stared slightly with her round eyes: "What do you mean"

Pei Jingshuo let out a "hiss", and his waist suddenly shrank.

"Don't touch my waist, you idiot." While the two were chatting, they finally stumbled to the entrance of the alley.

The lights outside were extremely dazzling, bright, and comparing to the dark environment in the alley it was like two worlds.

Pei Jingshuo stopped the bicycle and watched her jump out of the ride: "See you tomorrow."

His voice was hoarse.

The girl smiled softly.

Her snow-like face was filled with a touch of cleverness and cunning.

"Shuo Shuo," she called him again, "Come here, I'll tell you something." The boy's heart softened when he was called, and he leaned over: "Huh" 


In the next second, something soft landed on his lips and lightly tapped then

His pupils contracted suddenly. 


This is a…kiss

It was so short that he didn't react at all.

"This is a reward." The girl's smile was like a dream, and she waved at him, "Thank you for taking me home, see you tomorrow!" 


In the dark night, he stroked his lips dazedly.

It seems that there is still a girlish fragrance left on it.

The faint scent of jasmine flowers, but at this time, it has the ultimate temptation.

The crazy dopamine secreted in his brain told him that it was okay to sink like this.

Because he was hopeless.


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